No doorstyles available in this wood species.

Standard 10 x 10 Kitchen Price List

Cabinet Door Style Standard 10 x 10 Kitchen Design
Carolina Oak $1,199.20*
Country Oak $1.191.50*
Santa Fe $1,765.50*
Spice Maple $1,765.50*
Shakertown $1,765.50*
Sienna Rope $1,904.80*
Sandstone Rope $1,904.80*
New Yorker $1,904.80*
Wave Hill $1,904.80*
Mocha Shaker $1,904.80*
Savannah $1,904.80*
Tribeca $2,707.00*
Oasis $2,707.00*
Pacifica $2,477.40*

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* To see what's included in this price please visit our 10 by 10 Kitchen Layout page.

RTA kitchen cabinets are ready to assemble cabinets which come as packages of their component parts which then need to be assembled before they are fitted. You could get them in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen RTA kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice. These are Ready to Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets which come in packages of component parts which need to be then assembled by the buyer. Assembling the cabinets is no great deal of work since in most cases some skill with a screw driver would be all that is required of you. You would find them in all kinds of materials including luxurious hardwood cabinets made of oak, maple, and cherry and low end particle board cabinets. The RTA kitchen cabinets also come in a variety of finishes and glazes.

There are many advantages to going for RTA kitchen cabinets instead of assembled ones or even custom made ones from a carpenter. The RTA kitchen cabinetry is cheaper than either of these options for the same range of materials and finishes. You could get very high quality kitchen cabinets at much reduced prices when compared to pre assembled ones. Hence if you are looking for attractive and durable cabinets at a low cost then these would be your answer.

It is not as if you have to settle for low selection in styles just because you are going for RTA cabinets either. They come in a variety of styles such as Newport Shaker, Edmonton Rope, Oakland Auburn, Rochelle, and Cherry Maple. You could get hinges which are concealed, drawers which are self-closing, and 45 degrees miter fronts which contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the sets while serving a functional purpose as well.

Due to easy storage options most store owners find it within their means to keep RTA kitchen cabinets in stock. Hence there won't be long to wait if you were to order ready to assemble cabinets which won't be the case with custom made and pre assembled cabinets. In fact you could get the RTA kitchen cabinetry in about a week or two which is considerably less than the eight weeks or more which the pre assembled cabinets take. Hence if you want a speedy option these are the cabinets for you.

You could find RTA kitchen cabinets on many online kitchen furnishing stores. These cabinets are also available at your local furniture outlets. The internet would probably contain a wider range in materials and styles though. You could do a bit of research to find the websites that sell the best cabinets at the cheapest prices and then go ahead and order. Just go for websites with good reviews and reputation since you will not be able to see the product beforehand.